Rhinoplasty Operation

Surgery information

The Asian nose is usually low, and the rounded sides of the Asian nose are plump and not angular. In order to correct the low nose, the nose should be raised with prosthesis like silicon, and the tip of nose cartilage formed with cartilage of nasal septum and ear cartilage. In this case, it is not only surgery of the nose but the tip of the nose is also implemented.

In the event of surgery for a nose tip, the nasal cartilage should be precisely peeled off and the support fixture of nasal septum should be correctly inserted, as well as changing the shape of the nose cartilage. There is surgery available that simply inserts the cartilage into the tip of the nose only, but it cannot raise the height of the nose tip enough with a natural look.


Surgery method

The silicon is mainly used for the prosthesis.
The self-cartilage of nasal septum is mainly used for the
Support fixture of columella nasi.


The ear cartilage is used for getting the additional height and shape of the nose.
It is important to insert the support fixture of columella nasi in order to raise the height of the nose tip.