V-line surgery

Surgery outline

A V-line means a smooth and soft line from below the ears to the tip of the chin (gets narrow and slim). Dream V-line focuses on making the chin slimmer rather than creating a V-line on the entire mandible. Dream V-line Surgery, a simple chin surgery, can change your looks from looking strong and rough to looking soft, sophisticated, and chic. Check the chic jawline and an absolute secret of young face through Dream V-line Surgery.


Effect of Dream V-line Surgery?


V-line Surgery?

This surgery creates the V-lined chin with an optimum beauty. After a part of the chin is incided, the entire mandible is trimmed off smoothly. A degree of completion of the chin surgery is maximized by performing not only the chin surgery, but the mandible surgery (according to circumstances) simultaneously.

V-line Surgery can be performed in many ways. It can reduce the width or length of the chin or make the chin more prominent or correct the asymmetrical chin. This is the 3D surgery using each surgery method in combination depending on the chin shape.

Patients for Surgery

  1. Those with an angular chin.
  2. Those with a wide chin.
  3. Those with a stubby chin (round or U-shaped).
  4. Those with the lower part of the face looking serious and masculine.


Surgery Features

Creates a smooth face shape by reducing the width and length of the square chin.
Even the square chin (the length is short) can be slimmer by the chin surgery.
The overall contour of the mandible is made V-lined by treating the chin intensively.
This is the surgery using 3-D movements like making the chin prominent or correcting the asymmetrical chin.
Your efforts and costs can be saved (small & slim face, 3-D & harmonious face, cute & sophisticated image, and young face).

Surgery Method

Osteotomy Cutting into T-shape


Osteotomy Cutting into Inverted-V Shape