Short Chin Surgery

The face looks short and the lips relatively seem protruded if the chin is receded and not long enough. You also seem more common, weak, and unsophisticated as the boundary between the neck and chin line becomes undefined. This can be a disadvantage in personal relations or social life as well as appearance.

There are two types of short chin surgery (short chin surgery with bone and short chin surgery with an implant). One of them is chosen depending on each patient’s symptom to create the beautiful facial contour by correcting both the shape and size of the scanty lower jaw as well as the short chin with one surgery. In addition, the hidden chin line and neckline can become defined.

Main Points of Short Chin Surgery

First, Finding Appropriate Angle from ‘Profile View’
An angle from a side view is the most important thing in short chin surgery. An angle among the tip of the nose, lips, and chin from a side view, a ‘Profile view’s angle, is a main point. The higher the angle is, the shorter and more receded the chin is, which makes you look weak. On the contrary, the lower the angle is, the flatter the face is, which make you look old. Generally, an ideal angle is from 00 to 00 degree. Short chin surgery creates the best angle that suits each individual, and provides a beautiful Profile View.


Second, Beautiful Neckline Starting from Chin
A scanty chin’s line from the chin to neckline can seem undefined and dull. Just adjusting the angle of the chin can make the line between the chin line and neck look natural and defined (a beautiful chin line).

Notices Before Short Chin Surgery
Short Chin Surgery is one of the simplest surgeries among all face contouring surgeries. But making a good result is never simple. The chin is that important in facial impression. The biggest difference between Short Chin Surgery with Bone and Short Chin Surgery with Implant is in which direction the lower lip is to be shifted. The osteotomy with the bone is to shift the lip to the appropriate position above and the osteotomy with an implant is to pull it downwardly.