Protruded Lips Surgery

The protruding alveolar bone and teeth make the lips protruded. Therefore, orthodontics alone is not enough to make a difference. In this situation, the bone itself needs to be corrected by a surgery.

Pushing ‘A point’ (a protruded part of the alveolar bone beneath the philtrum of the upper jaw) inwards properly is the most important thing in protruded lips surgery. The protruded ‘A point’ causes a so-called ‘monkey mouth’ (longer and wider philtrum, thicker lips, exposed gum). Protruded Lips Surgery (pushing the ‘A point’ inwards properly) can solve these issues at one time.

Plastic Surgery’s Protruded Lips Surgery completes a beautiful mouth shape with a thorough mock surgery and elaborate surgery planning. Our ‘One-Stop System’ provides systematic treatment services from dealing with the alveolar bone, teeth, upper and lower jaw generally (medical specialists in facial contouring and orthodontics cooperate on diagnosing) to an orthodontic treatment after surgery.


DreamA Protruded Lips Surgery Features


Notices Before Protruded Lips Surgery
Final orthodontics is generally needed after a protruded lips surgery with a tooth extraction (6 months or so on average).
The surgery is often performed with a square jaw surgery and zygoma reduction simultaneously.
Those had orthodontics after a tooth extraction in the past cannot have a protruded lips surgery with a tooth extraction.
Instead, they’re not perfectly corrected protruded lips can be corrected through a double-jaw surgery.
If the chin looks very short due to the protruded lips, a single protruded lips surgery can make the chin look better or a simple surgery or treatment can correct the chin line.

Surgery method

The surgical procedures for Protruded Lips Surgery are as follows depending on individual’s symptom (the degree of protrusion) and surgery method.

Anterior Segmental Osteotomy (ASO)
This surgery is a well-known protruded lips surgery. Mainly teeth (the 4th ones from the middle, first premolars) beside the canine are extracted, and the bones there are ground. And the protruded alveolar bone and teeth are pushed in. This surgery is mainly performed if the upper and lower jaw have normal occlusion and the degree of protrusion is high (more than 4~5mm).

This surgery requires a delicate technique and thorough pre-planning. A medical specialist in orthodontics creates a model of teeth and gums. Facial contouring and orthodontics medical specialists perform a Mock Surgery based on that model, and specifically create a surgery plan.


The Surgical Procedures for Anterior Segmental Osteotomy
1. A total of 4 teeth (2 on each side) are extracted to push the upper and lower jaw in.
2. After the mucous membrane is incided, the bones are incided and ground to make space for the gums.
3. After pushing the bones in, the new occlusal surface is checked using the surgical wafer made in the mock surgery (a patient clenches this frame with the upper and lower teeth during the surgery).
4. If the chin was shifted as far as planned, then the bones are fixed.


Double-jaw Surgery for Correcting Protruded Lips
The degree of protrusion is not high (less than 4~5mm), it can be corrected rapidly by Double-jaw Surgery. The risk of side effects like overcorrection, etc. can be reduced as a surgeon can control how much to push the lips in during the surgery. A long face, gum exposure can also be corrected simultaneously.

A double-jaw surgery can be much more effective for correction of class 2 malocclusion protruded lips (with the upper jaw more protruded than the lower jaw) than a protruded lips surgery with a tooth extraction.