Facial Reduction Surgery

Those with a very large face naturally have a large head. However, mostly the long mid-face (between eyebrows and below the nose) and lower face (between below the nose and the chin) make the face look large. A long and protruded upper and lower jaw or a wide chin or protruded cheekbones are also causes of a face looking large in many cases.

Plastic Surgery’s facial reduction surgery provides a precise measurement of your face using our 3D- CT and the surgery is effectively performed considering each individual after closely analyzing the area that needs to be corrected. Complicated problems in a face like a cheekbones-related issue, a square chin, a pointed chin, protruded lips, etc. are effectively corrected with one surgery considering the overall facial harmony like a harmony with other features and an overall facial contour.


Effect of Facial Reduction Surgery?


Surgical Planning


Patients for Surgery


The distance between below the nose and the chin is the longest in the ratio of a face.
The face looks long while the chin looks short.

Surgery Features

The reason why a face looks large is often because of imbalance between the two jaws, protruded cheekbones, a square chin, a pointed chin, protruded lips, etc. ‘All-In-One’ surgery to solve all of these complicated issues with one surgery.

Digital 3D CT Measurement & Analysis
An in-depth and close analysis of the overall face is needed to decrease the size of the face. Accurately measures the facial state of a patient with a digital X-ray, and designs the best post-operative face shape that suits the patient by a computer simulation analysis.

Cutting-edge Surgical Equipment Use
Performs surgeries safely and accurately with cutting-edge surgical equipment (Bone Scalpel, Rasp, Burr, etc.). As a result, operation time can be shortened and side effects can be reduced.