Decalcomania Facial Asymmetry Surgery

A secret of beauty is a symmetrical face. When a face with a great bone structure is asymmetrical, it looks somewhat strange. On the contrary, the more symmetrical a face is the more comfortable, delicate, beautiful, charming it looks. Most of Korea’s best beauty stars have a balanced bone structure and perfectly symmetrical face. These faces look charming from any camera angles. Perfect symmetry is a secret of inborn, natural, much-attention-getting, attractive face.

Patients for Surgery

  1. Those with a non-straight center line between the two centers of the upper and lower lip.
  2. Those with a non-straight line between the two centers of the upper and lower teeth.
  3. Those with a non-straight line between the center of the nose and upper teeth.
  4. Those with two different chin lines (left & right).
  5. Those using different side of muscles when repetitively closing and opening your mouth with your fingers in your ears.
  6. Those who tend to chew food with one side of muscles.
  7. Those with a mouth twisted to one side and with the different left and right side of the mouth in size while the mouth is opened.


01. All Types of Asymmetry Correction Possible by Thorough 3D Diagnosis & Surgical Planning
There are many asymmetries in a face like left-right asymmetry. As various angular asymmetries (left-right asymmetry, front-back asymmetry, upper-lower asymmetry, etc.) exist in a single face, those need to be assessed accurately before a surgery. A 2D X-ray is inadequate to assess asymmetries three-dimensionally. Plastic Surgery three-dimensionally diagnoses with a 3D- CT and creates a model of teeth and gums to precisely calculate the directions (left or right, upper or lower, front or back) that face bones need to be shifted to and the extent (mm) of face bones shifting needed before a surgery.


02. Delicate Diagnosis on Adjacent Soft Tissue (Guaranteeing Permanent Satisfaction)
The cause of an asymmetrical face can be not only bones, but adjacent soft tissues (muscles, fat, and skin). Wrong life habits like resting your chin on your hand, favoring one side of the mouth when chewing food, etc. can cause it. Therefore, issues relevant to soft tissues also need to be closely analyzed in diagnosing, and a surgery plan should be created.
These soft tissues also tend to try to return to their original state as time goes by after the surgery. The muscles especially continue to try to return to their original asymmetrical state in direction. Therefore, the power of those trying to maintain homeostasis needs to be thoroughly calculated and considered when planning exfoliating muscles adjacent to the bones. Without an understanding and delicate treatment of soft tissues, it is hard to get long-lasting satisfaction from surgery. Therefore, a medical specialist who can consider even the movement of skin and muscles as well as alveolar bone is needed.

03. Proficient Manual Skills Gained from Long-term Experience
Asymmetry surgery requires accuracy and meticulousness in from diagnosis, analysis, surgery to post-surgery care. A highly delicate technique and sense are required as a surgeon performing the surgery must understand and deal with every part of a face (muscles, fat, skin, teeth structure, not to mention face structure). Therefore, a head surgeon’s proficiency is more important than anything else.
We have ‘One-Doctor System’ where Kim Young Joon, head of Medical Center and Korea’s leading medical specialist in facial contouring surgery and double-jaw surgery, is in charge of overall procedures from counseling, analyzing, surgery to post-surgery care. So you can trust us. Head Kim Young Joon, who has been the best medical specialist in Korea’s facial contouring surgery for a long time and has numerous clinical experience and research cases, guarantees safer and more satisfactory surgery by 4D facial contouring surgeries, which evolved from 3D surgery.

Surgery Method

Decalcomania Double-jaw Surgery Correcting Facial Asymmetry
The cause of facial asymmetry is normally the tilted axis of upper and lower jaw (the occlusal surface of teeth is not horizontal). In this situation, it is corrected by a double-jaw surgery combined with an osteotomy of the upper and lower jaw. First, the slanted upper jaw is turned horizontally and the slanted center line of the lower jaw is also rotated horizontally to be aligned with the upper jaw. Facial asymmetry is corrected in this way, and an aesthetic effect with another meaning can also be obtained.


Decalcomania Facial Contouring Surgery Correcting Facial Asymmetry
Facial contouring surgery correcting facial asymmetry is mainly performed if one side of the chin has overgrown or under grown and one side of the cheekbones or square chin has overgrown or under grown despite the normal occlusion and jawbone. In this case, these symptoms can be corrected relatively simply by the surgery. If the nose is crooked with the asymmetry face, the nose can also be corrected. It is a principle that correction of overall facial asymmetry is performed after the bones fully grow.