Upper Blepharoplasty

Surgery information

As one ages, it is natural that fine lines appear increasingly and eyelids start drooping. The aging processes around eye rims differ depending on the status of skin and health, but if it is severe, one will look older than his/her actual age. The upper Blepharoplasty surgery helps make aged eyes younger and clearer.
Upper blepharoplasty surgery is for people who have wrinkles around the eyes due to increasing skin age and drooping eyelids. Drooping eyelids are not good functionally and aesthetically. The degree of drooping eyelids can be checked through determining how far the eyelids are drooped below the pupil. If eyelids are drooped below the pupil, they hide the eyes like a curtain so it may have a bad effect on eyesight. If eyelids are drooped severely, the skin around the eye rims becomes easy to fester.
Surgery suitability
Drooping eyelids, skin and fine wrinkles around eye rims due to aging.

Advantages of Upper Blepharoplasty

The skin and muscle of drooping eyelids cause not only cosmetic problems but also severe forehead wrinkles, sore eyes and short-sightedness. If drooping skin is to be corrected using double eyelid surgery, the progression of aging will be slowed down, with a brighter outlook.

Surgery method

Upper Blepharoplasty removes drooping skin, excessive fat and muscle tissue of the upper eyelid, and cleans up double eyelid lines so that young and lively eye rims are created. It is also called removal surgery of wrinkles above eyes as aging parts which are above the eyelids are corrected.

Upper Blepharoplasty usually removes aging parts, but drooping eyes are sometimes corrected using fat. People who had double eyelids before can get beautiful double eyelids again.