Rearrangement of Fat under Lower Eyelids

Surgery information

It improves the old and tired look with severe dark circles due to the protruding fat under lower eyelids. Possible from teens to late 40s, the results are best if there is no sagging or minor sagging of skin.

The advantage of the rearrangement of fat under lower eyelids

As the surgery is done through the conjunctiva, there is no possibility of scarring. Because there is no incision, the recovery is very fast. The difference from the complex palpebral surgery is that there is no skin incision, but the congested and slack muscles under lower eyelids can be calibrated so that the lower eyelids make one look younger.

Surgery method

Remove some of the conjunctiva by using a laser or high-frequency equipment. Correct the part which puts strong pressure on fat membrane and rearrange it around the dark circle under eyes using fat and fat membrane. Then, the strength that pulls the muscle is gone so that the good muscle gets back its elasticity. In addition, blood vessels and loosened fat membranes are arranged so that the dark circles are improved and recurrence is prevented