Lateral Canthoplasty

Surgery information

Lateral Canthoplasty lengthens a horizontal length of eyelids by making an incision on the lateral angle of eyes.

As it incises the mucous membrane of the lateral angle of the eyes, it makes big and beautiful eyes without having to worry about scars. In case the lateral look of the eyes based on the pupils look narrow, the width of eyes are to be maximized along with Epicanthoplasty, or if the eye shape is slanting upwards, this surgery is applied generally

The advantage of Lateral Canthoplasty

There is no need to worry about scars because the mucous membrane of the lateral angle of eyes are incised, and if necessary, the eye slant is firmly fixed to the periost so that the position of eye slant is adjusted without worrying about recurrence

Surgery method

The length of the eyes are extended by making an incision on a lateral angle of the eyes, and the incision length is usually about 2~3 mm. After arranging the skin of the incised lateral angle of eyes, orbicular muscle of eyes, and lateral angle muscle, the lateral angle muscle is fixed to the periost if necessary. The arranged lateral angle of eyes is carefully sutured to not be stuck again.