Surgery information

The Mongolian fold, the fold at the inner edge of the eyelids, causes eyes to look distant, round and narrow. Epicanthoplasty is used to extend the width of the eyes and make the eyes look attractive. When people with severe Mongolian fold go through double eyelid surgery, the Mongolian fold usually gets more severe.

Adversely, the surgery would make eyes smaller and awkward so the clients’ satisfaction would significantly diminish. Even if the distance between the eyes is small enough, the Mongolian fold would cause an awkward look. In that case, the Mongolian fold should be corrected without lengthening the eyelids.
The scars after Epicanthoplasty are caused inside of the double eyelids or near the eyelashes so they are rarely noticeable. After 2-3 months of surgery, they are almost hidden even without any makeup.

The advantage of Epicanthoplasty

01. Surgery method skin-redrapping Epicanthoplasty (Magic Epicanthoplasty)


02. Uchida Epicanthoplasty

The incision line is minimized to improve the Mongolian fold, so the possibility of scarring is reduced.

03.Hiraga Epicanthoplasty

Hide the incision line well and separate and suture the fibrous film and eye muscles that cause Mongolian fold.


04. Restoring Mongolian fold

If the Epicanthoplasty was done excessively, then corrective surgery is needed to recreate some of the Mongolian fold.