Double Eyelid Surgery Using The Incision Method

Surgery information

The incision method is a double eyelid surgery utilising an incision along the double eyelid lines, removing drooped or excessive skin, muscle, and fats. The hollowed skin and fat, as well as the heavy and thick muscles can be trimmed off along with double eyelid surgery, so that slim double eyelids can be created.

The appropriate type of the incision method is decided by considering the eye size, the status of the eyelid tissue, the presence of blepharoptosis, and the patient’s expectations. Through preoperative counseling procedures, the suitability is decided based on the following:

Surgery suitability

  • If a double eyelid line is not made well with a simple tool that holds it temporarily.
  • If there is too much drooping skin
  • If scars are severe after the previous surgery with the incision method or the double eyelids are too high
  • If the blepharoptosis is severe

The advantages of double eyelid surgery using the incision method

The surgery time takes about 1~2 hours, and all of the seams are removed 4-5 days after surgery. It takes more time to reduce swelling than the burial method, but you may resume daily activities after around 5 to 7 days.

The scars of the incision will not leave a hollow line because the muscles are not excessively removed. Also, a very thin suture is used so it is barely noticeable. As it is conducted mainly for people with thick eyelids, fine wrinkles on closed eyes appear naturally as if wrinkles on a forehead.

  • Natural and beautiful lines
  • Clear eyes
  • Naturalness without any scars
  • Tight control after surgery

Surgery method

There are many kinds of eyelid incision methods such as creating synechia (adhesion) with an eye muscle and creating synechia with an eyelid plate. Medical Group arranges the original eyelid tissue anatomically and uses both eyelid muscle and plate, so natural outcomes combined with two surgery methods result.

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