Double Eyelid Surgery Using The Burial Method 

The Burial Method is an Intradermal Suture Method through a small incision of 1~2mm. The advantage is that a natural double eye line can be created without any surgery line with a fast recovery time, but the artistic and precise handling of the suture and loop operation can be only handled by highly skilled specialists. Heavy or hollowed eyes can be corrected with this surgery method as fat can be placed or removed through the 2mm wide outer hole. In addition, in the case of delight blepharoptosis, you can see a big difference with the burial method alone.

The burial method is sometimes confused with a variety of names, as if they were totally different surgical procedures. After the burial method surgery is known to the world, a number of small changes have come about, therefore Medical Group is equipped with know-how through numerous surgery methods and has minimized the probability of “released eyelids” losing the look of having a double eyelid. Double eyelids cannot be created with a line alone over the eyes. The doctor’s artistic sense is essential to change the whole look of the face and the eyes through double eyelids.


The advantages of the double eyelid surgery using the burial method 

A natural and clear line can be created.
Short recovery time and no scarring
Effective for correcting delight blepharoptosis


Misconceptions about burial method

The burial method has the false impression for the double eyelids to be easily loosened but it does not happen in the case when highly skilled specialists operate. Medical Group reduced the possibility of releasing the double eyelids through the loop form and precise handling of the suture based on the know-how so far. However, even if the double eyelids are released/loosened, it can be restored with a simple suture


Surgery method

The minimal incision consecutive burial method connects the skin and levator muscle of eyelids by burying the suture using a small incision of 1~2 mm. Through the outermost holes, excessive fat is removed or additional fat is transplanted, therefore the thickness of the eyelids can be adjusted, and a delight blepharoptosis can be corrected.


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