Gynecomastia Correction

Surgery Information

If a male’s breasts have become large due to fat tissue accumulation like a woman’s, the symptom is called Gynecomastia.
It mostly occurs when much fat is accumulated congenitally or hormone metabolism is abnormal due to a certain disease. While breasts are generally become large in adolescence, they may become large in male menopause in some cases. It often accompanies pain and there is discharge from nipples in rare cases. It does not look good and the patient can lose confidence.

Surgery method

If Gynecomastia is not severe, simple liposuction can be effective.
Liposuction with ultrasonic waves and laser is considerable effective, does not leave any scars, and is simple. But if the skin is severely drooping, a breast reduction using periareolar breast reduction should be performed and if drooping breasts are combined, a breast dermal graft should be performed to raise the drooping breasts.