Breast Reduction


Nowadays more and more people are worried about their oversized breasts caused by a change in dietary life or westernized life pattern.
As oversized breasts are generally combined with drooping breasts (mastoptosis), they look ugly and can cause pain in the shoulders, neck, etc. due to their weight. In addition, people often suffer from a skin lesion such as eczema, etc. on the infra-mammary fold or around the area (caused by many skin folds) between breasts and personal hygiene often becomes a problem.
Sensitive female adolescents are often emotionally distressed by the eyes of others and can suffer from social phobia and an emotional disorder in more serious cases.

Considerations before Breast Reduction

The standards for breast size vary depending on time periods and cultural backgrounds. In addition, they vary depending on each individual’s build or values.
The medically ideal breast volume is around 250~300 cc. 400~600 cc is considered as moderate obesity, 600-1000 cc is considered as severe obesity, and more than 1500 cc is considered as gigantomastia. But as the harmony between breasts and body shape is more important than these absolute volumes, enough counseling before surgery is necessary to satisfy personal preference.

Surgery Method

Breast reduction is a surgery incising drooping skin, changing the position of areolar, and reducing breast parenchyme. As for performing the surgery, the important thing is to create satisfactory breasts leaving few scars. Scars can be inevitably left to some extent as breast reduction incises skin. Only round scars surrounding areolar can be left, a line running from the nipples vertically can be added, and two extended lines running from infra-mammary fold horizontally in both directions can be created.

Generally speaking, the more breast parenchyme and drooping skin that are to be cut there are (more severe gigantomastia), the longer the scars are. Therefore, enough counseling before surgery is necessary to decide the breast size you want and the length of the scars allowable.


Peri-areolar Breast Reduction

Plastic Surgery treats most patients with the round block technique. This method’s advantages are as follows.
Less visible round scars surrounding areolar.
Folds the breast parenchyma and firmly fix them to thorax so that the breasts are not flat, but projected.
You will not suffer from hypermastia any longer as scars can be minimized and a relatively large portion of breast can be incised.
You can get back to normal activities fast. As the skin incision line is short, you will feel little post-surgery pain and can leave the hospital on the surgery date.