Breast-lift Surgery

Surgery Information

Drooping breasts have low set nipples (lower than the normal height). Drooping breasts are classified into 3 classes according to the drooping degree. Drooping breasts can be caused by aging or the aftereffects of childbirth and breast-feeding. But breasts can also be drooped as the breasts originally have no elasticity.
Drooping breasts used to be considered as the natural aging process. But nowadays more people are becoming interested in the breast shape as well as breast volume as the quality of life becomes more important. If you have finished giving birth and breast-feeding plans, you may consider receiving a surgery to raising your droopy breasts.

Surgery method

Breast-lift surgery is a surgery raising the position of abnormally drooping breasts and the nipple-areolar tissue to the normal position and fixing them, not changing the breast volume.
Surgery methods for correcting drooping breasts can be largely classified into two. One method raises drooping breasts increasing the breast size. The other one raises the drooping breasts not correcting the breast size. Both surgeries increasing the breast size with an implant and a surgery raising the drooping breasts are mostly needed for drooping breasts caused by aging or childbirth. If the breast size is originally moderate, the drooping breasts can be corrected by incising surplus skin. Generally, as for a breast-lift surgery, areola or the bottom of breasts is incised.