Breast Augmentation with Autologous Micro Fat Transfer

Surgery Information

Breast augmentation may be worried to those who are repulsed by the insertion of a foreign substance into the body even though they hope to have a beautiful breast line. Autologous micro fat graft is another option for these people.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat has been performed for years. But it was not easily generalized as the results were unpredictable and part of the fat might be absorbed if a large amount of the fat was transferred. But thanks to the development of high-tech medical equipment and procedures, a lot of the limitations have been surmounted. A relatively large amount of the fat can be grafted with high fat survival rates and a long-term aesthetic effect can be obtained if a large amount of the fat is sucked out with high-tech equipment, the sucked fat is refined into pure micro fat, and the pure micro fat is injected into the precise anatomic position with a proficient technique and experiences.

Generally speaking, if around 600-1200 cc of fat is sucked out and refined into micro fat, around 200-400 cc of the micro fat remains. And then, if the refined micro fat is injected into the breasts (around 100-200 cc per each breast), each breast increases in volume by around 100-200 cc.

Features of Breast Augmentation with Autologous Micro Fat Transfer

Autologous micro fat graft’s advantages are that there are no side effects such as a foreign-body reaction, etc. as the autologous tissue is transferred, the breasts feel natural, and no problem can arise in the long term. In addition, as the fat used in the surgery is sucked out from the thighs and abdomen, these areas can also become slim.

However, as for an immediate visible effect, this surgery is not better than augmentation mammoplasty with an implant even if the same volume of fat is injected. The reason is that an implant is round when inserted while micro fat spreads more and is flat when transferred. But autologous micro fat graft will be a good choice for those who want to have a semi-permanent effect with autologous tissue.