Augmentation Mammoplasty

Augmentation Mammoplasty Types of Implants

Cohesive gel implant
Cohesive gel implant very similar to real breasts in shape and touch sensation is an implant helping create natural breasts. Even if the bag is damaged, it is safe as it is clotted gel. It has recently been widely used since it was approved by American FDA and the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
Cohesive gel implant can be categorized into round type and anatomic type (water drop shape) according to shape. And it can be categorized into smooth type and texture type according to surface treatment method. Each smooth and texture type implants has its own characteristics and the management methods are also slightly different. But they are similar in sensation after surgery or movement.

Decision on implant
Implant is very important in breast surgery. Therefore, it is important to know about the advantages and disadvantages of each implant and decide an appropriate implant that suits you. In addition, for an effective surgery an implant should be decided considering body shape, bust measurement, breast condition (sagging), incision area, etc. The breast size should be decided after a precise diagnosis on thoracic shape, symmetry between navel and breasts, reoperation, etc.

Position of Implant

Above breast muscles
This is a method positioning an implant right below mammary gland. It is only used for athletes or those having droopy breasts.

Dual plane method
This is a method modified from the method positioning an implant below breast muscles. It is the most widely used method in augmentation mammoplasty.
It is effective for droopy breasts or well-defined infra-mammary fold as well as general augmentation mammoplasty.


Decision on Incision Area

Approaches on augmentation mammoplasty include armpit incision, areola incision, and infra-mammary incision. Each of these has its own pros and cons. The most important thing is to select an appropriate surgery method according to circumstances, not to adhere to one surgery method. For example, young unmarried women generally prefer armpit incision while entertainers or models, dancers, etc. often need areola incision and infra-mammary incision. In addition, those with an ordinary body shape can freely choose any of these while those with drooping breasts or deformed thoracic or having a reoperation may need areola incision or infra-mammary incision.
Plastic Surgery has vast breast surgery experiences using various approaches. Therefore, we choose and recommend the most appropriate surgery method according to the client’s circumstances, not adhering to and forcing only one surgery method.

Armpit incision
This is the method Korean unmarried women generally prefer the most.
Breast-feeding is possible.
Few scars left on the breasts compared to other methods
Plastic Surgery always performs an armpit incision with a 100% up-to-date HD endoscope. We can create a natural breast line safely.


Infra-mammary incision
This is the method that used to be the most preferred in the Western world. However, as anatomic type implants have recently been widely used in Korea, the method is becoming generalized.
A space for an implant can be created accurately and rapidly and there are no tissues that can be damaged around the site. The method has lower possibility of side effects than other ones and the least amount of recovery time is needed for the surgery.
It is good for reoperation and the appropriate surgery correcting droopy breasts. An operating surgeon can easily create the breast shape he/she wants through this method.
If the incision area, infra-mammary, is not accurately predicted and calculated, scars can be clearly seen on infra-mammary later. Therefore, an operating surgeon’s accurate understanding and experiences about predicting and calculating the incision site are essential.


Areola incision
This method can be used only if the diameter of the areola is over 3.5 cm.
This is an excellent method for drooping breasts, deformed thoracic, reoperation, etc.
Temporary sensory disturbance of the nipples may occur.
As the implant is exposed to mammary gland during the surgery, the possibility of capsular contracture occurrence can be slightly raised.