Autoplastic Grafting Of Microscopic Fat

All-in-one information of grafting of microscopic fat

All-in-one grafting of microscopic fat is a way of injecting less than 0.05cc refined microscopic fat into panniculus. There is a reason why we inject the minimum amount of microscopic fat. The blood vessels are generated between fat cells so that it can be evenly spread internal tissues. This is for a high survival rate, as well.


Surgery time and the amount of fat grafting

The fat is mainly extracted from an abdominal region, while it is extracted from the thigh under the hip for a lean person.
We are offering ‘facial fat grafting’, which is a way of injecting 60~90cc fat (180~270cc based on the suction rate) into ideal regions evenly in accordance with the amount of refined fat and engrafting it safely. It is almost like outstanding works of art.

Effects of all-in-one microscopic fat grafting

It takes one and a half hours to two hours, you may experience temporary swelling for 2~3 days after the treatment. About a week later, you can go out without difficulty. As the grafted tissues become stable in some degree in 4 weeks after the treatment, you can confirm a certainly changed face. The remaining swelling is fully removed in 3~6 months after surgery, and facial volume may decrease by 20 ~30%. Since that, as grafted fat tissues begin cell division, facial volume recovers. This face with volume restoration is semi-permanent unless an original face alters greatly.

All-in-one microscopic fat grafting is most effective for people in their 20s and 30s because of their animated cells.
After surgery, as a baby fat is filled, it adds a more young and dramatic shape.
Effects / 20-30% 감소 > 20~30% decrease, On the day of surgery, 4 weeks, 2 months, 6 months, 5 years
4 week: injected cells take their place, which in turn gives you an elastic and pretty shape
2 months: as the swelling goes down, a little volume (20~30%) decreases
2~6 months: the roles of grafted cells are temporarily deteriorated, causing a uncertain volume
After 6 month: you can get a shape similar to one before and after 2 months, as a final result, grafted fat tissues settle down completely and become semi-permanent


Regional effect of all-in-one microscopic fat grafting


01 Preparations before surgery
It is recommended to wash your face clearly and remove your makeup since you cannot wash your face for a few days.
Do not wear any jewelry or accessory not to interrupt the treatment. If possible, you should avoid putting on a pair of pantyhose.
If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, you must let us know. If you take medicines containing steroids or oriental medicines, you must let us know in advance.
As sleep anesthesia (sedative anesthesia) is applied in most cases, do not eat any food including water 3 hours before surgery.
If you are menstruating, it is good to give prior notice to the hospital.

02. Post-operation care
Usually, the microscopic fat grafting is possible with regional anesthesia just like liposuction.
You may experience the swelling for about 2~3 days, after that, the swelling disappears for about a week when you can return to your normal life.
Only tiny amount of fat is extracted, so the risks associated with it are minimal.