Surgery to Remove Neck Wrinkles

Aging around the neck

As the skin ages, elastic fibers and collagen fibers degenerate, causing the skin to sag, causing the muscles and other soft tissue to droop downwards. If you take a look at the aging neck, you can notice accumulated fat under the jaw. Or you can see drooped neck muscles (platysma) and its lengthwise line (neckline) or the wrinkles around the sagging skin. As a line leading to the neck is dull and the neck boundary is unclear due to a drooped neckline, it gives a dense and heavy impression and causes one to look tired and fatigued.

Recently, as the number of facial bone contouring and bimaxillary operations grows, people increasingly want to keep the soft tissue around the neck from sagging and from having a double chin after surgery, and they want to have a lighter, livelier and a more vivid contour.


Surgery method

It is recommended for middle-aged people and older, to undergo an operation if their neck muscles are sagging severely and neck wrinkles, neckline emerges and if the contour of the neck changes on the whole.
In cases where fat accumulates on the thin layers of the neck, and neck muscles begin to sag making a double chin or lengthwise neckline, we clear up fat on the neck deeply through mini-openings behind the tip of the chin. Then, we can make a clear and lively neckline with corset neck plastic surgery by tightening up neck muscles.

If the neck is degenerating and sagging severely, we add a minimal incision on the furrow behind the ear and lift the skin and muscles both rearward and upward using an endoscope.
The incision is located on the back of the tip of the chin and on the furrow behind the ear. Usually, it is so thin and short that it can hardly be seen.


Simple surgical procedure

If elastic fibers on dermal tissues are degenerating and surface layers are aging, you can consider some methods including a chemical skin decortication, outer skin and dermis regeneration surgery using Glass Fractional Laser, and HIFU (e.g: Ulthera) and RF (e.g: Thermage) to improve the sagging deep tissue.
Lateral thick and deep neck wrinkles can be resolved using filler.

For a double chin and drooped neck seen by relatively young people, liposuction under the jaw, Accusculp laser (Accusculp) and HIFU (ex, Ulthera) are used alone by themselves or together, according to the amount of accumulated fat and the level of elasticity of the skin and muscles.

In the case of an underdeveloped tip of the chin (short chin), fat transplantation, a filler or facial contour surgery are applied together, which creates a more elegant and vivid neckline.

Precautions After Surgery

On the second day after surgery, we remove the bandage and drain, and we disinfect the incision and also wash your hair. After that, you can wash your hair at home once in a two or three days.

As the condition of the forehead may deteriorate after surgery, you should avoid ice and heat massages. Lying with upper body being elevated (15~30 degrees) or sitting is helpful to reduce the swelling and to recover.
So as not to have a bloodshot face, you should avoid elevating your blood pressure or lowering your head. Be careful when you yawn loudly or turn your head quickly. Taking a good rest is helpful for rapid recovery for the first week. Please do not lie on your side at night.
Please apply ointment to the stitched area with a clear hand two or three times a day, for about two days after removing the stitches.

When you shampoo at home, please put a little ointment on the stitched area. And bend your head back with an erect posture, and then shampoo together with a shower. Please do not massage on your scalp. After drying your hair with a towel or a hair dryer with cold air, all you have to do is apply ointment again on the stitched area with a clear hand.