I’ve got eye, face and neck lift surgery. The doctor was very delicate and detailed. I’m Very satisfied with the result. Next time I want to have tummy tuck and breast augmentation surgery. Thanks to Imperial Beauty Tourism to accompany me.

Mrs. Oey Bun Liang, 48 , Jakarta

Hey, Thanks to assist me. Imperial is professional and friendly 🙂 I was very worried before, but now my nose-job is well done.

Ms. Cindy Li, 29, Singapore

I really appreciate that you helped me a lot while I was in Korea. I’m still on my recovery from V line surgery.

Ms. Vanessa M., 29, Medan

Annyeonghaseo! Thanks Imperial! I really love the result, excellent job of the surgery. Now my nose is perfect. Next year I will visit Korea again. Gomawo..

Ms. Intan, 36, Jakarta

Hi imperial, thank you for accompanied me in South Korea. I’m very satisfied with the eye and nose surgery result. Anyway we should do more shopping next time. ^^

Ms. Yuanita , 26, Lampung

I just got back to Indonesia, its still uncomfortable for me because of the long hour flight. But thank you for assisted me back then in korea, you took care of me so well.. 🙂 I hope my face-lift surgery can recover faster…

Mrs. Natalia, 57, Jakarta

I’m very satisfied with Imperial Beauty service, not just assisted me from airport to surgery but taking care of me as a family and most important is FAST respond. (Sorry, i asked a lot haha). Before i got nose surgery at local aesthetic hospital but it didn’t goes well, so I got re surgery in Korea

Mrs. Vera, 30, Bandung

Hello thank you for your assistance while I was in surgery recovery. I recommended Imperial Beauty as the BEST partner to have surgery in korea.

Mr. Li, 28, Singapore

Nice job Imperial. I’ve got really cheap price for my skin lifting and face liposuction surgery. And thanks for accompany me as a guide in Seoul. Next time I will treat you Samgyupsal and Bulgogi.

Mrs. T. M, 31, Jakarta

Me and my family members just got back from Korea for shopping and sightseeing. Korea is very pretty. Next year we will come back again for holiday.

Mr. Pangaribuan, 42, Jakarta Selatan

Thanks for your help! I really love shopping at Myeongdong and Dongdaemun with cheap price and BIG Discount. Let’s meet again someday, surely I will contact you again. Heehehhe..

Ms. Shanny, 21, Surabaya

Hi…I really appreciate your help for taking care of me through all surgery i had. Thanks…

Ms. Laurencia, 24, Jakarta

Hey, there! thanks for assist me in korea <3 we like your time management, really effective! will come back soon, see ya.. anyway it would be nice if you know some Kpop stuff..kkkk

Mrs. Mellysa, 28, Bandung

I’d like to appreciate what you did, for taking care of me when i need to go hospital outside your working hours. Sorry for your inconvenience

Mrs. Pudji, 56, Cirebon

Anyeong! We really love korean food and the handsome oppas! Thanks for team-up with us, 4  No-shame girls hahhahay

Ms. Putri, 19, Palembang

NICE! I feel sorry and thankful to you for accompanied me 24 hours in hospital. You’re so dedicated.

Mrs. L, 47, Palembang

Hahahaha.. I don’t know what to write. thank you and let’s meet again.

Ms. I, 33, Lampung

Really enjoyed my holiday in Korea, thanks to you 🙂

Mrs. Kho, 70, Malaysia

We’re just back to Indonesia safely, thanks for your companion in Korea. We love your jokes!

Mr. Stephanus & family, Jakarta

We will meet again on this winter, will contact you again later! Hehe

Ms. Fanny, 43, Jakarta

SUPERB! thanks for giving us so many information about Korea! Love Bibap Show, so funny!!

Ms. Angelina Hu, 31, Medan

I hope next time we can get handsome oppa as our tour guide :P, lol. just kidding, you are awesome ,sis.

Ms. Dini, 26, Bandung