[Fillers] if I do not like the way my filler surgery turned out, could I reverse the process?
Hyaluronic fillers for example, usually take about 6 months to a year for it to fully absorb into the body, so it is possible to go back and reverse the process. But if it hasn’t been long since the surgery and you desire to go back to your original look, then you have to take an antidote to melt away the surgery area.

[Fat Transplant] How long is the recovery process after facial fat transplant?
Although there will no problems for you to move around and do daily activities the day after the fat injection, there could be a potential bruise and swelling around the area so it could provide a slight discomfort.

[Nose] Is it possible to go on with nose surgery even after I got filler for my nose beforehand?
First of all, it is best not to proceed with the surgery unless all of the filler has been absorbed. It’s because it is hard to determine the original sharpness of the nose since the nose is sharper than it was before the filler injection. If you still wish to receive the nose surgery after the filler injection, then it is best for the filler inside the nose to be melted away so that the surgery can ensue.

[Nose] Do nose surgeries require another surgical procedure after some time?
In the past, nose surgeries were done with silicon from the glabella to the tip of the nose and sometimes even to the columella nasi (in serious cases) and in doing so resulted in drooping or stretching of the nose and problems with the skin at the tip of nose. But nowadays, the tip of the nose is shaped with cartilage so you can be assured that your nose will maintain its shape even after surgery.

The skin around my eyes is saggy and stretched from eye lid glue and tape. Is there a way to fix this with surgery?
Using eye lid glue or tape to create double eyelids will cause the skin to stretch and no longer be “tight”. In this case, creating small holes on the eyelids is not possible but instead to remove the droopy skin using the incision method. Depending on the amount the skin sags, it is important to choose the best eye lid surgery that matches your eyes.

Doesn’t the stitch method get undone right away?
The stitch method pinpoints 3-4 places on the lids and creates knots on the eyelids, so there is no clear start to finish of the double eyelid which could undo them. But recently the development of new surgery methods has allowed for a firm nice double eyelid which won’t come undone

[bimaxillary operation] How long is recovery period after surgery?
It is 3 days of hospitalization after surgery, then outpatient treatment once every week for a total of 3-4 times after leaving the hospital. After 2 weeks of surgery, the swelling will have subsided so it is possible to carry on with daily activities and after 3-4 weeks it is possible to eat and talk regularly. After 4 weeks of surgery, dental correction treatment is necessary so it will take about 6-10 months.

[Facial Bone Contouring Surgery] I have a lot of fat on my face so my face looks big. Is it possible to suction out the fat on my face?
You can consider evening out the fat and muscle in your face. Meso Therapy to melt away subcutaneous fat, removal of cheek fat, fat suctioning and lifting for saggy fat underneath the chin are all possible for faces that look chubby because of facial fat. Botox injection is recommended for the lower parts of the face that have become flat-looking due to muscle development.

[Nose] How long is the recovery period after nose surgery? When are daily activities possible?
The total recovery time period for nose surgery is roughly around a week. It is different depending on the type of nose surgery (surgery on just the tip of the nose has a faster recovery), and personal health but most of the time the large amounts of swelling will have gone down and treatment will end in about a week. Two days after surgery will have the most swelling but after that the swelling will decrease and 4-5 days after surgery is when you will be able to go outside. Doing household activities right after surgery is possible but returning to work after 5 days to a week is best.

[Eyes] If I got my double surgery through the stitch method, is it possible to take out the knots?
Getting double eyelid surgery to look pretty then getting them undone is rare. But if you genuinely desire to undo them, then let us know within a month and a half. Taking out the knots will restore your eyes back to its original state.

[Nose] If the nose becomes higher, will the eyes look closer together?
It is common to believe that. When the nose becomes higher, the flat distance between the eyes suddenly becomes higher so visually it can seem closer together for people who had far apart eyes. Because of this reason, those who have a wider space between the eyes consider if they should get the nose surgery first. But truthfully the space between the eyes does not get smaller nor do the eyes seem closer together. For that to even happen, the nose would have to be excessively high and in reality there has been no cases like this. Therefore, people who have visually closer-together eyes who think they cannot get a high nose shouldn’t worry and consider all these factors in getting the perfect height for their nose.

I want to know more about the medical treatment tour service system.
The medical treatment tour allows for you to leave your residence and go to another country and receive treatment and recuperate your illness while going on tours, shopping, and experiencing the culture depending on your health state

What does the Imperial Beauty Tourism do?
We are a company which brings foreign patients to Korea and offers them a variety of medical treatment services. We are doing the best we can provide to our clients. Imperial Beauty Tourism has teamed up with top-notch doctors whose main clients are celebrities and are offering the best medical service in the elite hospitals in Gangnam.